Our Projects

Peninsula Community Housing are committed to the construction of affordable rental accommodation for a range of vulnerable people who for whatever reason are unable to access safe, affordable, secure and permanent housing.

All of our accommodation models are based on rental, there is no need for any purchase or shared equity in the property.

Our purpose is to help you get back on your financial feet and being able to provide affordable and permanent accommodation is a significant first step.

For Tenants

Disability accommodation

Some of the most vulnerable people in our community in need of suitable affordable housing are those with a disability.

One of our key tenets is to provide various types of disability accommodation for all ranges of liveability.

Previous developments have focused on shared accommodation models for compatible people and if this interests you then we welcome you to register at the link below.

Shared rental

PCH are looking for people who would like to live in shared rental accommodation, such as a three bedroom home, with two other compatible people.

The accommodation under this option is preferred for those who currently have difficulty accessing the private rental market for whatever reason.

Rent for each tenant will be affordable and capped to 25% of your income.

If you feel this is an option you would be interested in then please register at the link below and we will be in touch to speak with you in more detail.

Tiny Homes in backyards

PCH are working with Council, investors and property owners to place one and two bedroom accommodation units in the backyards of existing homes.

There are a number of property owners on the Peninsula who have expressed an interest in helping vulnerable families and individuals into this style of safe, private and affordable accommodation.

Again, rents will be capped to 25% of your income and please register at the link below if you are interested in applying.

Rooming Houses

Peninsula Community Housing have designs and permits ready for upscale rooming house style accommodation which is well managed, private, secure, affordable and permanent.

Each tenant would have their own unit with private outdoor space, kitchenette, bedroom and living areas.

In addition, there are communal spaces for you to mingle and socialise or you can keep to yourself in your fully self-contained unit.

On site management will be provided by Peninsula Community Housing to ensure the rooming house is well managed and you and your belongings are kept safe.

If this type of accommodation is of interest to you then please register at the link below and we will be in touch.

For Investors

We are seeking investors who wish to contribute to the development of housing as a basic component of our necessary community infrastructure.

Suitable investors need to be committed to our vision of providing affordable, safe, secure and permanent accommodation for our most vulnerable tenants.

Peninsula Community Housing see the future provision of affordable housing options being best undertaken by the private sector, free of political and bureaucratic interference and red tape.

All our developments will provide a return on investment between 3% – 6% ongoing and while this is low compared to traditional property investments, our investors are committed to philanthropic investment to build the community infrastructure we desperately need.

If you would like to meet and discuss an interest in an investment in our projects then please contact us via email enquiries@peninsulacommunityhousing.org.