Because everyone deserves a home.

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Because everyone deserves a home.

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Our Mission

Looking out for our local community

As of October 2020, two thousand people were suffering from various degrees of homelessness on the Mornington Peninsula. Peninsula Community Housing finds this statistic to be unacceptable, so we are stepping forward help our community address this growing problem.

Our Vision

Everyone deserves a place to call home.

To provide and fund community based housing for those who need it most.

Our Aims

To help those who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness.

To build various types of affordable housing for  disabled and the financially disadvantaged members of our community.

To provide shared rental housing for those who cannot access the private rental market.

To construct transitional accommodation to assist the chronically homeless in re-establishing themselves into a secure home and at their pace.

We seek to construct all levels of disability housing to provide supported accommodation to those who seek inclusion back into our community.

To help those who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness to get back on their feet with safe, secure, affordable and permanent accommodation.

To offer affordable rent-to-buy options for those who one day want to own their own home.

Our Purpose

To deliver affordable housing for those most in need. Our aim is to assist the disadvantaged and fund affordable housing, because everyone deserves a home.

Assisting those who are in vulnerable circumstances or homeless

Find suitable and affordable housing for those in our community who are disabled, vulnerable or homeless.


Help fund, design, construct and manage various levels of disability, social and affordable housing.

Home Ownership

We also aim to assist any of our tenants who would like to consider a longer term transition from renting their accommodation, to owning it.


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